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Rebuilding Together Indianapolis Awarded Impact Grant from 16 Tech Community Investment Fund

Rebuilding Together Indianapolis is excited to announce that we have been awarded $40,000 in grant funding from the 16 Tech Community Corporation.

The 16 Tech Community Investment Fund ensures access and opportunity for neighbors of the 16 Tech Innovation District. We are proud to partner again with the 16 Tech Community Corporation and honored to be selected alongside so many other organizations doing great things for our City. “The 16 Tech Community Investment Fund grantees exemplify the incredible work happening in the neighborhoods near 16 Tech,” said Bob Coy, 16 Tech Community Corp. president. “We’re proud to continue to invest in projects that will directly benefit our neighbors.”

All 11 selected organizations, receiving a total of $300,000, were endorsed by community residents and will work to directly benefit the Near West and Near Northwest neighborhoods. We are honored to receive these funds to support our mission of creating safe and healthy homes for our Indianapolis neighbors. This grant will be used to directly aid our Spring Rebuild Day efforts to provide critical home repairs to homeowners in the Near Northwest neighborhood of Indianapolis.

Our application was supported by the Near Northwest community based on our work performed in their neighborhood in 2021. Last year, Rebuilding Together Indianapolis was able to make an impact of nearly $220,000, serving 15 homes that house more than 50 people. We look forward to continuing this important work to support our neighbors in need.

Ronald Rice, Community Builder with Near Northwest Community, wrote the following in a letter of support for Rebuilding Together Indianapolis:

“This program has been nothing but a blessing to the vulnerable residents of the NNW area. Rebuilding Together Indy exceeded our expectations when even during a COVID-19 lockdown, still managed to provide the selected home repair recipients with service and care in a safe manner… The previous 16 Tech award they received in order to be able to do more for the residents in regards to replacing windows, was a huge success. Rebuilding Together Indy even went above and beyond to leverage those dollars for additional funding when they learned that during their work, a few of the homes needed major investment because they were sinking. We received more encouragement from the participating residents to continue this program to be able to bless another neighbor... This was a reassuring testimony of the service, work, and intention on helping residents to not have to be displaced because of lack of personal funds. We sincerely are grateful for the work they have done and are continuing to do for the community.”

Thank you to the 16 Tech Community Corporation and all of their partners. We are grateful for the support and we look forward to our upcoming Spring Rebuild Day on April 30, 2022.

More information about the 16 Tech Community Investment Fund and other grant recipients can be found at


About 16 Tech

16 Tech Innovation District is a 50-acre live-work-innovate community dedicated to world-changing innovation and economic opportunity. Located in the historic Riverside neighborhood of Indianapolis, 16 Tech brings together entrepreneurs, academics, corporations, creatives in a single place to spark the exchange of ideas that lead to innovation. The nonprofit 16 Tech Community Corporation leads the physical and programmatic development of the district and ensures benefits of economic growth, new investment and job creation extend to nearby neighborhoods as well as the city, the region and the state. More information can be found at


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