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How Can I Become A Sponsor?


Every day, Indianapolis homeowners are forced to choose between home repairs and other necessities of life.


We work to ensure that local families don't have to make that choice and they are able to stay in their safe and healthy homes for as long as they want.

We rely on our sponsors to support our mission so we can continue making a difference in our community. By supporting us
, you are changing the lives of the homeowners we serve. The majority of our repair projects occur on our annual Spring Rebuild Day in April.

Spring Rebuild Day 2024 will be Saturday, April 27th. If you are interested in supporting our mission or learning more about what support looks like, download our sponsorship packet at the link below or email us at:


Sponsors Levels
(Details for Each Level in Packet Below)


  • Community Partner ($25,000)

  • Platinum Sponsor ($14,000)

  • Gold Sponsor ($10,000)

  • Silver Sponsor ($6,000)

  • Bronze Sponsor ($4,000)

  • Contributor Level (Above $500)


    Sponsorship Information Packet

   Sponsorship Commitment Form

Questions? Contact Us-

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