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Fall Rebuilding Together Indianapolis projects make a difference in Indy’s neighborhoods

The fall season was busy for Rebuilding Together Indianapolis. Thanks to the generosity of community partners and sponsors, we were able to participate in several projects that help improve lives in our Indy community.

Rebuilding Together Indianapolis helps Colts, community partners build school playground in one day

On Sept. 27, more than 150 volunteers from the Indianapolis Colts and various local partners joined together for a “Colts Community Tuesday” to build a new playground at Deer Run Elementary School in Indianapolis.

Colts players, Cheerleaders and staff were on hand to work alongside volunteers from Rebuilding Together Indianapolis, MSD Pike Township, and Sinclair Recreation. Other partners include Lucas Oil Products, Ingredion Incorporated, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, Legends Global Merchandising, Midwest Landscapes Industries, Republic Services and Salesforce. The 2022 Playground Build was supported in part by American Dairy Association, Coca-Cola and HotBox Pizza.

This is the 14th playground the Colts and community partners have built in Indianapolis since 2008. Thank you to the Colts and all participants!

Freedom Mortgage team makes repairs to local veteran’s home

A financial services company that has helped millions of Americans achieve homeownership, Freedom Mortgage Group partners with and supports national and local philanthropic organizations within the communities they operate. Rebuilding Together Indianapolis would like to thank the Freedom Mortgage team members who volunteered their time and labor at the Oct. 5 home improvement of the Jackson’s Home in the northwest region of Indianapolis. Mr. Jackson is a retired veteran of the armed forces.

The Freedom Mortgage team provided support through projects such as replacing smoke and CO2 detectors, ceiling fans and lighting; installing window coverings and necessary hand railings; repairing fence rails and gates; and more.

Shortly after Rebuilding Together Indianapolis completed the work, the Jackson’s furnace stopped working. After determining the furnace needed to be replaced and was no longer safe to use, Rebuilding Together Indianapolis coordinated with Citizen’s Energy Group’s Warm Heart Warm Home Foundation™ to install a new furnace within a week of the issue.

“I was very pleased with Rebuilding Together Indianapolis,” Mrs. Jackson said. “When the crew came to my home, they were right on time. They cut my grass, trimmed my hedges, winterized all my windows, fixed the leak underneath my sink, replaced a ceiling fan and pull chain on the light in my bedroom and installed fire alarms. They also fixed my gate so it would open and close the way it was supposed to. I was pleased with everything they did. The crew was efficient and did everything they were supposed to very quickly. They were friendly and picked up all their stuff, so I didn’t have to clean up after them. If they came back, I would welcome them with open arms. You want people who think of it as their home and who will do the job well. I was very satisfied!”

Thank you to Freedom Mortgage and the Warm Heart Warm Home Foundation™!

Renewal by Anderson supports repairs in Near Northwest neighborhood homes

Renewal by Anderson has provided generous support to Rebuilding Together Indianapolis, including window replacements at various homes. For example, recently, they supported the installation of smoke alarms, a CO2 detector, and a fire alarm; installed bathroom grab bars, painted, and repaired a fence gate for a local homeowner.

Thank you, Renewal by Anderson!

Garmong Construction Services cleans up community garden

Garmong Construction Services volunteers spent a workday in the Near Northwest neighborhood on Oct. 21 to clean up and winterize a community garden near Aspire House and prepare it for spring. Thank you, Garmong, and Groundwork Indy for their great help with the project!


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