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Giving Thanks to the Union Construction Industry, Sponsors, Donors, and Volunteers

After a rough year that held us back from doing critical home repairs in our Indianapolis neighborhoods, 2021 allowed Rebuilding Together Indianapolis to get back into our neighbors’ homes this past June.

Thanks to our partners in the Union Construction Industry, Rebuilding Together Indianapolis was able to make a nearly $220,000 impact in the Near Northwest Neighborhood. Over two Build Days, more than 200 volunteers hung gutters, repaired roofs, modified bathrooms, painted, rewired, installed plumbing, installed new sidewalks and stairs, and made homes safer. We served 15 homes owned by vulnerable seniors in the community. Those homes house more than 50 people and welcome hundreds more loved ones and friends throughout the year. Making sure the homes are safe, healthy, and livable creates a rippling impact that is felt throughout the community.

The homeowners were more than grateful to have their homes worked on. Some had been living with rooms without electricity, no running water, or no heat for far too long.

In a letter sent to our Executive Director and her House Captains, Alex and Michael from BMWC, homeowner Ms. Harriet said,

“We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be in this program. [We are] sincerely appreciative of our House Captains for their excellence and steadfastness in seeing so much was done, and to BMWC for participating in this initiative and helping us to improve our quality of life in our home.”

Our work not only impacts our neighbors and their community, but our House Captains and volunteers, too. One House Captain said,

“I would never have met my homeowner, but I am so glad I did. Her parents built the house she is living in. She has seen the Near Northwest Neighborhood change over the last eight decades and is so deeply tied to her community. She is the kind of person that keeps a community growing. I am so grateful that I got to know her.”

We will be back in the neighborhood to do more homes for our 2022 Spring Rebuild Days. If you would like to get involved, please reach out to our Executive Director, Ali Brown at, and she will get you connected.


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