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Sarah Pearson's article on Kickoff to Rebuild

Below is an excerpt from the article written by Sarah Pearson, daughter of Tom Pearson. Click here to read the full article in it's original form.

The children waited anxiously for the ribbon cutting for the installation of the new playground located at 437 N. State Avenue in Indianapolis. When cut on Nov. 5, the children experienced their first moment on their new playground with contentment in their little hearts.


With the Super Bowl coming soon, the Rebuilding Together organization made up of volunteers partnered with Lowe's, Carter's Kids, and CBRE to fix up 10 homes on N. State Avenue, Sturm Avenue, E. Vermont Street and N. Walcott Street in Indianapolis. A new playground was also built for the underprivileged youth of the poor Near Eastside neighborhood.


It was quite a happy moment for families and volunteers. Neighbors commented on the beauty of the new playground and parents watched with joy as their children happily played. It was just so evident that the playground would remain a resort for the children of the Near Eastside Neighborhood for many, many years to come. "Rebuilding Together is a good thing. It helps the neighborhood cleanup and look nice," resident Sarah Wallace said.

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