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Homeowner Profiles


Ms. Ivey, age 62


Ms. Ivey was born in her home. Her mother babysat for Ms. Ivey’s four children in the home. When her mom became ill she moved back into the house and has remained there since.  It has been in the family for 62 years.  “Words cannot describe what this means to me.  I’m excited about the revitalization that will keep the history of my home alive.”


Repairs on Ms. Ivey’s house: replace ceiling tiles in kitchen; patch and paint plaster upstairs; electrical upgrades; new front storm door; replace door knob to bedroom.




Ms. Powell, age 60


Ms. Powell’s home once belonged to her grandparents.  She was at their home every day growing up and has basically lived there for 51 years. She inherited the house after her grandparents passed in the 1990s.  Ms. Powell uses a wheelchair and can’t walk far.  She has had a liver transplant and has been recommended for a kidney transplant. She is on dialysis.  Ms. Powell loves the memories of her grandparents and doesn’t want to leave them. She thought she would have to move out until she got the call from Rebuilding Together.  “This is truly a blessing.” 


Repairs on Ms. Powell’s home:  New bathroom connected to bedroom and family room; new front security door.




Mr. Porter, age 65


Mr. Porter has owned the duplex he shares with his brother Raymond since 1988.  He was raised in the home with his parents and siblings. The home transferred to him when his parents passed in the 1980s. Mr. Porter is a disabled Veteran from the Vietnam War.  He feels his house is very solid, he watched it being built in 1956, but hasn’t been able to keep up repairs on his fixed income. 


Repairs on Mr. Porter’s home: painting, new floor, furnace, electrical, re-glaze windows, sidewalk to road; repair door sills, repair storm doors; front: kitchen; new bath.




Ms. Williams, age 59

The home where Ms. Williams lives once belonged to her grandparents. She has lived there since 1960 when she was seven years old.  She took ownership in 2011. One of her sons lives with her after being injured in a car accident and unable to work.  She likes the neighborhood and calls it close knit with everyone trying to keep up their property. “Without Rebuilding Together I would not be able to have the repairs done.” 


Repairs on Ms. Williams’s house: tighten screws to cabinet doors; new outlets in bedroom; repair crack in wall; new bath exhaust fan; front storm door strike panel repair; windows need caulk; fill holes in awning.




Ms. O’Neal, age 67


Ms. O’Neal has owned her home since 2000.  She has a 12-year old daughter and is a stay at home mom.  Ms. O’Neal is looking forward to her house being warmer in the winter. She has to use a space heater and blanket to keep warm. 


Repairs on Ms. O’Neal’s house: Replace bathroom exhaust fan; install grab bar in tub; insulate outside wall; caulk and weatherstrip back door; review ceiling insulation.




Ms. Johnson, age 96


Ms. Johnson has owned her home since it was built in 1962. She raised her great nieces there since they were approximately 5 years old.  Before her retirement, she worked for Dr. Grayson at Methodist Hospital and International Harvester.  She loves to sit in her lift chair and watch her favorite TV shows.  Her great niece, Stephanie, will be at the house on work day. 


Repairs on Ms. Johnson’s house: New light in kitchen; add bracket to closet rod; repair drywall damage in bedroom; new light in laundry; windows caulked; screen door repair; storm door on side needs replaced with security door.




Ms. Sterling, age 82


Ms. Sterling has owned her home for 45 years.  She raised seven children, her oldest daughter died in 2010.  She retired in 1992.  She has arthritis and had a stroke and her right side is partially numb.  She wants to stay in her home and is appreciative of efforts to help her do that. 


Repairs on Ms. Sterling’s house: exposed wiring, some lights don’t work; stove and adjacent outlet don’t work; carpet in living room; living room light doesn’t work; wood trim and soffits need repair and paint; paint porch ceiling; repair screen door; front door needs weather stripping.




Ms. Franklin, age 85


Ms. Franklin has lived in her home since 1966.  She retired from St. Vincent Hospital 20 years ago.  She likes her bedroom the most and also the recliner in her living room where she watches TV.  She had been going to her niece’s house to dry her clothes six houses down.  She “won’t know how to act with a washer and dryer upstairs.” 


Repairs on Ms. Franklin’s house: install bathroom surround; exterior steps rebuilt; add downspout extensions; pressure wash deck, caulk threshold; relocate washer/dryer to main floor off kitchen; install new handrail to basement.




Ms. Kendrick, age 73


Ms. Kendrick has owned her home for 50 years. She is the original homeowner.  She has raised her five children, grandchildren and great grandchildren in the house.  She retired in 1991. The work being done will make her happy and more secure. She will be proud of her home again. 


Repairs to Ms. Kendrick’s house: kitchen: wall crack, floors, cabinets, sink, countertops; paint throughout; ceiling crack and floor boards replaced in 3rd bedroom; new windows; clean fence row; landscaping.


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