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Feature: John Morrical

Rebuilding Together Indianapolis (RTI) has many supporters and longtime team members. In this article, we are highlighting Volunteer Committee Chair, John Morrical, and his continued support within our organization. John Morrical became involved with RTI in 2003, when the company he worked for (Strada Education Foundation, then known as USA Funds), asked John to assist with recruiting employees to volunteer on RTI’s National Rebuilding Day. He volunteered with a group of Strada Education Foundation colleagues in 2003 and the experience led to him becoming the "Volunteer Coordinator" for his company's volunteer groups over the next several years. Strada Education Foundation’s continued support to RTI inspired our founding members with the idea to have a member of the company represented on RTI’s Board of Directors. John was later nominated for service on the Board in October of 2005. Since then, John has served as Co-Chair of the Volunteer Committee, later transitioning to Committee Chair in 2007. He went on to serve as Vice President in 2010, President in 2011 and Immediate Past President in 2012. John then returned to the familiar role of Volunteer Committee Chair, where he currently serves.

While the work the organization does requires contributed financial resources, it is through the work of skilled and unskilled volunteers that those financial resources become greatly amplified. It is estimated that for each $1 contributed to the organization, RTI is able to return $4 of value to the benefitting homeowners and neighborhoods. Those who decide to volunteer do so of their own volition and any credit rightly goes to them. It is important, though, that each volunteer’s commitment of time, talent, and/or treasure is not squandered, misused, or under appreciated. The effective deployment of the volunteers and their resulting satisfaction from doing good for beneficiaries is critical to the ongoing success of the organization as it strives to further its mission. John hopes that his efforts help to foster that sense among volunteers. RTI is grateful for John’s continued support within our organization. We could not make as much of an impact on our communities without our supporters and members of our team.

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